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My Daily To-Don’t List | Blogust_05

Today I want to talk about a list of things that I make a concerted effort to avoid doing. I adhere to them as much as my will allows, which some days is not very much. I am only human.

Buy coffee

I drink two or three cups of coffee per day. If I buy every one at a coffee shop or chain for an average of $2.00, that means at least $60/month that could be much better spent on other things. That’s gas for two weeks, that’s my cell phone bill, that a nice chunk of my office rent.

I’m not a masochist, I still drink coffee, but I try my best to only drink it at home. Is it as good or convenient? No, but that extra $60 in my pocket helps me be okay with it.

Consuming media

I’ve been doing pretty well with this one since making it a New Year’s Resolution for 2016. I still catch up on a sitcom rerun or a couple of YouTube videos while I’m eating meals, but that’s it. Watching TV or movies is no longer a part of my daily routine, and that’s a big accomplishment for me.


I think that complaining is extremely unattractive. It’s the biggest indicator of a non-winning player. I don’t understand how people can and will complain to anyone who is willing to listen. Sometimes things boil over and I vent or rant, but as a general rule I don’t complain. It’s not productive and certainly doesn’t help my mental or emotional health.

Those are the main reasons, but more than that I don’t want to burden other people with my problems. I have problems and negative thoughts like anyone else, but I’m much more comfortable taking on other people’s problem than have them worry about mine.

Stay up  past midnight

I need 7 or 8 hours of sleep. The only way to do that and get up at an ideal time to start the day is by going to bed before midnight. It doesn’t always work because I have a really hard time falling asleep, but going to bed before 12:00am gives me a greater chance at getting enough sleep before I have to get up. Most days I have several responsibilities at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning.

Break traffic laws

Running red lights, texting while driving, rolling stops, not using turn signals, speeding… these are things that I see people do all day every day, and I can’t believe how irresponsible they are. When I started driving I realized that the statistics make it likely that I will get into an accidence someday. I decided then that when I do it will not be my fault. With the amount that I drive, especially now with my part-time job driving for a rental car company, I have a higher probability of getting into an accident.

Get into arguments with strangers

I think debates and discussions are healthy, especially about the big things. Arguments with friends can get a little more serious because it’s a safe space, but I tiptoe around sensitive topics with strangers because I don’t want to rock the boat or make things awkward. It can be stressful and make a situation tense. I’m also wary because I don’t know how much a stranger knows and don’t want to be outdone or outmatched in a debate.

This includes strangers on the internet.

Drink soda

I haven’t drunk anything besides water and coffee in about a year. It feels pretty good. I don’t specifically notice any differences as a result of that change, but I’m sure it’s helping my health.


There are a few other things that I’d like to add to this list but have a hard time committing to.

  • No screens after 11; this is to try and improve my sleep, but for now I just can’t turn my phone or computer off.
  • No sugar; right now I only have it in my coffee, but I should eliminate it completely.
  • No carbs; I’m given to understand that a no-carb diet can work wonders.

Blogust is my attempt to challenge myself to write every day for an entire month. The end goals include practice writing, more material on my blog, establishing a daily writing habit, and accomplishing a personal challenge. I have not given these posts any forethought, all prompts were conceived by other people.


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