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New Year’s Resolutions : 2011

Instead of trying to frivolously change behaviours of previous years, I’m moving to accomplish certain goals instead. So, instead of saying “I’d like to read one book per month”, I’m saying “I want to have 10 books read by January 2012”. It’s a system that I can use to look back on the previous year and have tangible evidence that I accomplished my goal.

So here’s my list of goals for 2011 (some are more lucrative than others):

Reach 500 Twitter followers
After almost 4 years using Twitter, I’m still only at 250. I’d love to have a more solid follower base.

Get a girlfriend
After buying a house and working a minimum wage job, I didn’t really have adequate resources to maintain a relationship this year. I’m going to make more of en effort in 2011 with the lady folk.

Get a non-minimum wage job
It sucks, dealing with shit from people and only making $10/hour. This is the year I make something of my bank account.

Become proficient in Python
I’ve been programming with Python for a few years, but have been on hiatus for the past few months. As such, I’m a little rusty with GUIs and can really just remember console programming. Going to master that (and work on some secret projects).

Redesign blog (look, content, etc.)
I just really need a new look and feel to go with my new domain.

Get driver’s license
It’s true, I don’t have my driver’s license. A few years late, but what can you do?

Install Ubuntu
I’ve had problems with every install I’ve tried in the past, so this year I will not let it beat me!

Visit Toronto
Pretty self-explanatory. I was too young to remember it the last time I went.

Save $1000, with all debts paid
With the aid of my well-paying job I plan to save another $1000 on top of obliterating any credit card/phone bill/parents debts I may accumulate.

Lose 30lbs.
I started reading The 4-Hour Body recently, and in putting it to practice, this goal should be relatively easy.

Unclutter my house
My roommates are pigs and my dog still shits on the floor. This year I bring the hammer down, and find a spot for all the random stuff I own.

Finish C25K program
I’ve started this running program a few different times, but never made it right to the end. Working on it.

Produce something on the web
For a long time I’ve wanted to start something media-related on the web (podcast, video blog, etc.) but I never had enough ideas myself to have it last very long, or other people around to do one with. I hope to get my literal voice on the web this year, though.

Read 10 books
Pretty simple. Between recommendations from my Twitter followers (Thanks, guys!) and random internet searches, I think I’m set, with my iPad in-hand.

Learn Spanish
I’ve learned Spanish before, but only enough to get by talking to some Mexican friends back in 2005. Since I’m heading to Madrid, Spain this summer, fluency is very high on my list of priorities.

What are your goals/resolutions for 2011? Leave word in the comments, and you can also suggest other goals for me and I’ll do my best to do it. If I get a lot of interest in one particular suggestion then I’ll definitely do it.

Enjoy the new year, and make it as awesome as possible… just in case the world really does end in 2012.

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